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The story of Prophet Zakariya as

Prophet Zakariya as

The prophet Zechariah was the father of Prophet Yahya solo son born after he reached the age of ninety years. Since married Hanna, mother Mary, his brother, Zakariya longed for a son who would become his heir. Day and night there is no stopping it offer his prayer and supplication to God for dikurniai a son who will be able to continue his job leading the Children of Israel. He khuatir that unlicensed when he died without leaving a successor, his people will lose their leader and will return to the ways their lives are filled with wrongdoing and wickedness and even maybe they will change the Shari'a Moses by adding or subtracting the contents of their book of the law at will. In addition, he as a man, wanted also to their offspring and continued to be continued uninterrupted throughout the generations and allow God permits.

Prophet Zakaria every day as a routine task away to a large mihrab perform prayers and visit child-in-law Mary, who handed over to the sanctuary by his mother in accordance with nadzarnya while he was still in the womb. And indeed Zakarialah commissioned by the committee to oversee the sanctuary of Mary since he was handed over by his mother. The task of self-supervision is received by Maryam Zakaria through a lottery conducted by the managers of the mihrab in time to receive the baby Mary, who handed over control to him it was the brother of his wife own child, which until now had not a single child dikurniai by God.

An event that is very amazing and menghairankan Zakaria has occurred on a day when he came to the sanctuary as usual. He sees Mary in one corner of the mihrab was deep in sembahyangnya so do not ignore the father of his brother who came to visit him. In front of Mary, who is engrossed in worship was seen by Zakaria various types of summer fruits. Wondering Prophet Zakaria in his heart, where it comes from fruit this summer, when they were still in winter. He did not wait for his sister's son finished the prayer, she then approached her and reprimanded asked him: "O Mary, from where you can this all?"

She replied: "This is a gift of God that I can without looking and I have requested. Dikala morning sunrise at a time when I get this rezekiku already been in front of my eyes, so when the sun sets at dusk. Why is the father of his brother felt amazed and awe? Is not God is able to provide sustenance to whom He will without calculation? "

Maryam bint Imran
Mary, who was mentioned in the story of Zechariah is the only child of Imran a dam rather than clergy leaders of Bani Israil. Mother's brother-in-law of the prophet Zechariah was a barren woman who has since married Imran not feel happy if you have not obtained a child. He felt life without children is a quiet and boring. He is very long descent to become a strong binder in the life of a husband and wife, and carriers like penglipur grief in family life. He was going to offspring, so that when he saw a mother menggandung bird feeding her baby or to her child, she felt jealous and continue to make memories that would not go out of his memory.

As the years passed, increasingly advanced ages, but the desire to remain desire and craving-craving still does not blossom into reality. Various ways dicubanya and various advice and guidance of implementation, but has not brought results. And after all the effort that comes from human ingenuity and power do not bring the expected fruit, Awake wife of Imran that unlicensed only God is the only place in power and able to fulfill her desire mengurniainya with a child who longed for even though his hair was gray and he was already advanced. So he was determined to round off his hopes only to Allah prostrate full day and night with solemn and humility bernadzar and promised to God when his petition dikalbulkan, will give up and donated her to the Baitul Maqdis to be a servant, guard and maintain the shrine and on occasion will not take benefits from their children for the benefit of himself or his family interests.

Imran's wife Hope is rounded to God is not wasted. God has accepted the petition and offered his prayers in accordance with what you have are written in his destiny that of husband and wife Imran will be lowered a great prophet. So the beginning signs of pregnancy that is felt by every woman who looks at the wife of Imran contains a long run to feel fetal movement in his stomach which continues to expand. How happy the woman who was pregnant was, that free-craving dreams will come true and the silence of the household will terpecahlah dikandungkan when the baby was born. He was with her husband started to design what will be given to babies who will come. If they were sitting together nothing is discussed apart from the baby to be born. Sad gloomy atmosphere that always includes household Imran turns a merry, the face of a husband and wife Imaran a radiant sign of joy and happiness and despair that gripped their hearts both turned into a full sense of hope will be good days and brilliant.

But very true pearls of wisdom which says: "Humans design, God disposes. Imran is very loved and loved by his wife and is expected to receive with him when his son first and she gave birth, his life was suddenly snatched away by Izra'il and his wife died there alone in a state of pregnancy, at which time the usual sense of love affection between husband and wife become increasingly intimate.
Sadness left by her husband who loved mixed with pain and fatigue that preceded the birth of the baby, wife of Imran struck in a moment of near term delivery. So after all the preparations to welcome the arrival of a baby has been done to perfection he was born a poor mother from the womb breathe free air. Somewhat kecewalah Imran widow mother after learning that free-born baby was a daughter while she waited for a son who has been promised and to Baitulmaqdis bernadzar for granted. With a tone of disappointment and sadness berucaplah voice he said, exposes her face to the top: "O my Lord, I have given birth to a daughter, while I bernadzar will submit a son who is more worthy of being servants and administrators Baitulmaqdis. God will teach her daughter that with good education and will make Zakaria, the father-in-law and brother of Mary as a supervisor and pemeliharanya.

So then when Mary delivered by his mother to board Baitulmaqdis, the monks stampeding each wanting to be appointed guardian who is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of Mary. And no one mahu kerana relented, then terpaksalah raffled among those who eventually falls to the Zacharias sweepstakes as promised by God to his mother.
The first action taken by Zakaria as an officer who is required to maintain the safety of Mary is away from the hustle around and out of reach of the visitors are not constantly coming to see and visit him. He was placed by Zakaria in a room high above the attic Baitulmaqdis that can not be achieved except by using a tangga.Zakarian feel proud and happy lucky to oversee the task of winning the lottery acquire and maintain is the son of Mary was legally his own brother. He devoted love and affection completely to Mary, to replace the biological child who did not come. Every chance he come see her, see her, take care keperluannya and provide everything that brings peace and joy for him. Not a single day Zakaria never leave his job to visit Mary.

Her love and affection towards Mary as a child Zakaria saudra his father abandoned his wife rose to reverence and respect when an event occurs that indicates that unlicensed Mary is not an ordinary girl as other girls, but she is a woman God's choice for a position and role large in the future.
On a day when Zachary came, as usual, visited Mary, she found him again in the mihrab drown in remembrance of worship and prostrate to Allah. He was startled when his eyes catch the food dishes of summer fruits is located in front of Mary, who again prostrated. He then asked in his heart, from where on earth the fruits that come, but they are still longer in the winter and knowledge Zakaria none other than himself who came to visit Mary. So when Mary ditegurlah after he prostrated and raised his head: "O Mary, from where did you acquire this fortune, though no one has visited you, nor will you ever leave mihrabmu? In addition, these fruits are the fruits of summer that can not be purchased on the market this winter. "

She replied: "This is peberian God to me without me trying or asking. And why do you feel amazed and surprised? Is not Allah the Most Mighty gives sustenance to whom He will sesiapa invaluable in large numbers? "
So God has given his first mark as a miracle for Mary, the holy girl, which was prepared by him for the birth of a great prophet named Jesus Christ as
The story of the birth of Mary and Zachariah maintenance to her can be read in the Qur'an surah Ali Imran verse 35 to 37 and 42 to 44.

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